What’s on at the RMI Academies – October 2020

Are your technicians in need of automotive training? The RMI Academy of Automotive Skills is here to support your garage and technicians with a range of courses tailored to help develop your business.

With MOT extensions beginning to expire this month, you can help your business prepare for additional demand for MOT tests with our specialist training, including weekly MOT Tester Training courses.

We can help your business ensure its staff are thriving in these ever-changing times by offering a wide selection of high quality, cost-effective training tailored to suit the needs of your business.

Spaces for each course are limited, and all sites have implemented strict social distancing and hygiene measures to comply with Public Health England’s guidelines on working safely during the coronavirus outbreak. These include:

  • One-way system in place around classrooms and hallways

  • One person at a time in reception

  • Hand sanitiser in multiple locations

  • Social distancing in place in classrooms and breakout rooms

  • PPE gloves and masks for staff where necessary

  • One person at a time in toilets and hand washing facilities

  • Candidates asked to reuse mugs throughout the day

  • Laptops, tablets, tables etc. disinfected regularly

Bespoke training is available upon request, and please note that furloughed employees can also undertake training, provided it does not generate revenue for your business in the duration of their furlough.

Whatever your training needs, we can help. To book a course or for more information, please call the direct member helpline or 0845 305 4230. You can also email us at enquiries@rmif.co.uk.

RMI Academy training centres are open to all eligible candidates and Testing Stations; however, members of the RMI can take advantage of preferential prices as a benefit of membership.

Please be advised all course dates and availability are subject to change.

Find out more about our available courses below:

MOT Training Courses

Our automotive training provides technicians with the skills needed to become and maintain their status as an MOT Tester or MOT Manager. The RMI’s training venues also provide classroom-based Annual Training sessions on the current DVSA syllabus, allowing testers to complete their mandatory training.

MOT Tester Training - Class 4 & 7

This is a four-day course for experienced technicians who would like to become an MOT tester. The course includes an online examination, plus a practical assessment which can be completed at an RMI Academy site or your business premises.

If a location is needed for the candidate to complete their DVSA VT8 demonstration test after receiving their qualification, we can arrange for this to be conducted on-site at an academy. For more information, please call 0845 305 4230.

Course prices start from £495 + VAT for RMI Members.

MOT Tester Training - Class 1 & 2

This is a three-day course for experienced technicians who would like to become an MOT Tester for motorcycles. Course prices start from £495 + VAT for RMI Members.

Vehicle Technician Accredited Assessment (VTAA) Level 3

This course is designed for technicians who do not hold a relevant level 3 qualification but want to become an MOT tester for class 3, 4, 5 or 7 vehicles.

The accreditation provides proof of competence and recognition of skills, allowing candidates to use this training route to become a fully qualified MOT tester. Course prices start from £600 + VAT for RMI Members.

Please note this course is currently unavailable at the RMI Winchester Training Centre.

MOT Centre Management

This is a two-day compulsory course for prospective MOT Managers. Those who are responsible for the operations of MOT stations (e.g. site managers) will also benefit from attending. Course prices start from £375 + VAT for RMI Members.

MOT Annual Training

The RMI Academy is providing annual training for the 2020/21 testing year. The assessment’s pass rate has increased to 80% for this year, so we are advising testers to complete their training at their earliest possible convenience.

For more information about other training packages that can be completed at home or at your premises, click here to read our Annual Training update for October 2020.

MOT Annual Training Classroom Sessions – Classes 3, 4, 5 & 7

2020/21 MOT Annual Training classroom sessions at all RMI training venues include three hours of training, an RMI workbook, access to the online assessment, and refreshments. Course prices start from £75 + VAT per candidate.

Enhanced Annual Training Classroom Sessions

Enhanced, full-day annual training courses are also available at RMI Academy sites to provide testers with further training beyond the minimum three hours required. This course costs £195 + VAT, and includes access to the annual assessment.

Technical Training Courses

Being a member of the IGA provides you and your technicians with a range of technical training opportunities. Below you can find a list of technical courses held at RMI Academy sites.

ADAS Introduction & Awareness

This half-day course provides technicians with awareness and understanding of ADAS procedures within the workplace. It covers safety features, usage of equipment and advises technicians of the various equipment manufacturers within the industry. This course costs £100 + VAT for RMI members.

ADAS Awareness & Practical

This full-day course helps technicians to gain better knowledge of ADAS procedures and equipment, and contains a practical element where equipment will be used within a workshop setting.

The practical element is designed to help develop technicians’ pinpoint accuracy of equipment, target positioning and general operation involved within calibrating. The key topics within this course include; ADAS code of practice, Sensors, Reversing aids, Radar systems, Targets, and recalibration.

This course costs £195 + VAT for RMI members.

Hybrid/Electric Vehicle Routine Maintenance Level 2

This 2-day course covers the skills and knowledge required to work safely around a vehicle’s high and low voltage electrical system and electric drive train system, whilst carrying out repairs or maintenance.

This course costs £400 + VAT for RMI members.

Hybrid/Electric Vehicle Repair Level 3

This 3-day course covers the technology associated with the present generation of hybrid and electrically propelled vehicles. The focus is on gaining a thorough understanding of how the electric vehicle functions and the variation of electric vehicle types currently available, and there is a strong emphasis on safe working practices.

This course costs £600 + VAT for RMI members.

Wheel Alignment Introduction & Awareness

This half-day course covers the safety and understanding of wheel alignment equipment, features and data, giving technicians knowledge of the various tools and equipment available and how to use them within the workplace.

This course costs £100 for RMI members.

Wheel Alignment Awareness & Practical

This 1-day course covers the features and safety of wheel alignment equipment and data, including adjusting. Technicians will learn the functions of the equipment and how to use it safely. A practical element is held within this course where technicians will be able to demonstrate and use the equipment within the workshop, enabling them to put what they have learnt into practice on the same day.

This course costs £195 for RMI members.

If you would like any more information about any courses available at the RMI Academies, you can also like your nearest RMI Academy Facebook page or the RMI Academy Twitter for training updates.

To book a course, or for availability enquiries, please contact the direct member helpline, 0845 305 4230, or email enquiries@rmif.co.uk.

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