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MOT Annual Assessment

How MOT Annual Training Works


The 5-year MOT tester refresher course has been replaced by annual training and an assessment. All MOT testers must now complete at least three hours of MOT training and pass an assessment between 1 April and 31 March each year to keep your tester status.

1. Decide how to do you training

2. Take at least three hours of annual training each year for the vehicle classes you test

3. Record your training

4. Book your annual assessment

5. Take your annual assessment

6. Record your annual assessment

The RMI provides six options to help testers complete their training. Click on Annual Training in the navigation bar above to find out more about each package.


Taking the Annual Assessment

Once you have completed and recorded at least three hours of annual training on the topics required by DVSA, you must pass an online MOT annual assessment. If you don't take an assessment during the training year, it could:

  • Affect your testing status

  • Lead to disciplinary action being taken against you

You have to pay to take the online assessment through a training provider, but you can take the assessment at home, on your own VTS, or at the premises of a training provider. Please call us on 01788 538 399 to book your annual assessment.

If you have already received a voucher code from the RMI, click here to go directly to the annual assessment. Voucher codes can only be entered once, and are case sensitive. 

If you have received an email with your voucher code, we advise you copy and paste into the voucher code box to ensure your code is applied correctly. 

How the Assessment Works

The assessment usually takes around 45 minutes and you are given a 60 minute time limit. You'll be asked 30 multiple-choice questions based on:

  • Topics in the current year's syllabus

  • Topics in previous years' syllabi

  • Current MOT special notices

  • General MOT testing knowledge

Click here to read some sample questions.

You may also use your own notes and official documents (such as the MOT inspection manual and special notices) throughout the assessment.

Pass Mark

The pass mark for assessments taken between April 2024 and March 2025 is 80%.

If you do not pass on your first attempt, you can go back over your training and take another assessment before any action is taken.

You can take the assessment as many times as you want for each year's annual training syllabus, however you'll have to pay each time.

In the Unlikely Event of Failure

If you fail the annual assessment, follow the advice provided to obtain another voucher. If you fail multiple times, do NOT purchase another voucher on the assessment website as this will be charged at full price. Please call us on 01788 538 399 and we will issue a new voucher code at a cost of £20 + VAT.

Once You've Passed

You get a certificate after passing your assessment. Keep it with your MOT annual training records, as you'll need to show these documents to DVSA staff who visit your VTS.

You'll also have to record your assessment result on your MOT Testing Service Profile. You need:

  • Your certificate number

  • The date it was awarded

  • The score you achieved

If You're Returning to MOT Testing

You need to do more training and take a test if you're returning to MOT testing. What you have to do depends on why you stopped testing, and how long you stopped testing for. Click here for more information.

To purchase an Annual Training package, contact us here or call us on 01788 538 399

You must complete your mandatory (minimum) 3 hours of Annual Training BEFORE taking the Annual Assessment. To see our training packages click on 'Annual Training Overview' above. ALL options include your login for the Annual Assessment.  

Click the button below to take your 2024/25 MOT Annual Assessment once you have been issued your login code:

The link will take you to the Annual Assessment on the Awarding Body's website. 

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