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Enhanced Annual Training Sessions

The syllabus for 2019/20 MOT Tester annual training requires a comprehensive understanding of the revised MOT Inspection Manual which came into force on the 20th May 2018. The required pass mark has also been increased to 80%

Now that the EU Directive 2014/45 has been implemented in the GB Testing Scheme, there are considerable changes that testers need to be aware of and understand. The MOT Inspection Manual has been completely re-written in a different format with current items in unfamiliar locations, including:


  • New categorisation of defects (Minor, Major & Dangerous)

  • New definitions for insecurity, unsafe modification & extensively modified vehicles

  • Alignment of the manual to the standard EU vehicle categories (M1 N1 etc.)

  • Many new testable items and components (e.g. bumpers, reverse lights, engine MIL lights etc.)

  • Certain items that are testable now will no longer be referenced in manual

  • Whilst there are many new defects that can be listed, some existing failure items will be downgraded to a minor defect

  • Enhanced checks on emissions and emission control equipment


The above is only an overview of what needs to be understood by testers. 

In order to help MOT Testers, the RMI are offering an enhanced, full-day annual training course available at the RMI's venues. This includes in-depth training beyond the minimum required and practical elements to demonstrate the workings on EU 2014/45. The assessment will be taken at the end of the course, so you can complete your annual training 2020/21 requirements in one day.

The course costs £195 + VAT and includes assessment fees and an RMI Certificate of Learning.

All RMI annual training options require three hours of training or self-learning plus completion of the online assessment, and allow testers to meet the annual requirement set by the DVSA.

To purchase this Annual Training package, contact us here or call us on 01788 538399

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