ADAS Awareness & Practical

Who should attend:


Workshop and/or body shop technicians who have little experience in ADAS procedures and equipment. Prior knowledge may be desired but is not compulsory. 

Course overview:


This full-day RMISC certified course will allow technicians to gain better knowledge of ADAS procedures and equipment. The course develops awareness and training, and contains a practical element where equipment will be used within a workshop setting.


The practical element is designed to help develop technicians' pinpoint accuracy of equipment, target positioning and general operation involved within calibrating. Different equipment covers a range of manufacturers, so technicians will develop an understanding of these differences and learn how to apply their knowledge. The key topics within this course include; ADAS code of practice, Sensors, Reversing aids, Radar systems, Targets, and recalibration.

Participants will learn:


  • An understanding of the procedures of ADAS calibration

  • Awareness of manufacturers and their ADAS equipment

  • How ADAS re-calibration systems can be used while using existing garage equipment

  • The practicality of ADAS equipment and usage within a garage environment

  • Target positioning, pinpointing and accuracy when using equipment

  • Innovative design and variations of tools involved

  • How to use equipment efficiently and increase productivity within the workshop


Course Length: Full-Day



RMI Members: £195 + VAT

Non-Members: £250 + VAT

To book this course, contact us here or call us on 01788 538 399