Diagnostic Procedures 1

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Who should attend:

Technicians with experience in light vehicle work who wish to expand their knowledge to encompass more complex vehicle systems.

Course overview:


This 1 day course assists technicians in developing an understanding of the diagnosis of modern vehicle systems, including the most effective ways to identify and isolate faults, primarily in petrol engine management. The utilisation of popular aftermarket diagnostic scan-tools; the multi-meter and digital oscilloscope, will be discussed and demonstrated.

Participants will learn:


  • Best use of the diagnostic platform to obtain error codes, live data and the actuation of components to aid the diagnostic process

  • The use of technical information in the diagnostic process. How to interpret complex circuit diagrams and break the information down in order to enable the technician to better understand the system function 


  • An overview of modern petrol engine management systems and exhaust gas after-treatment with emphasis on the operation of the most common sensors and actuators

  • The testing of sensors, actuators and associated circuits using the diagnostic tool itself, the digital multi-meter and oscilloscope


  • Fuel delivery system technology, both conventional and return-less. The importance of fuel pressure testing and the methods used


  • The testing of engine air delivery, manifolds and vacuum systems, plus turbo and supercharged induction and variable valve timing operation




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