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Hybrid/Electric Vehicle Repair Level 3 E-Learning

Who should attend


Experienced technicians who diagnose faults and carry out repair and replacements on Electric Hybrid and Electrically propelled vehicles, possessing appropriate vehicle maintenance and repair knowledge and skills at Level 3.

Course overview

This e-learning course allows technicians to conveniently carry out training remotely. Access to the online platform is available for 12 months, then the practical assessment can be taken at your nearest RMI academy or your premises depending on facilities and location, minimising time away from the workshop. 

Module Details:

Introduction: Electric drive, Efficiency, Loss of driving form, Energy density, Energy flow in hybrid vehicles


Safety Systems: Short circuit protection, Interlock, Enabling HV system, Permanent insulation monitoring


Working with EVs: working with voltage, working on hybrid vehicles, Voltage free switching HV system, Switching HV system to voltage free – software, Towing a hybrid vehicle with planetary gear set


Hybrid Systems: Hybrid vehicle with planetary gear system, Hybrid vehicle with planetary gear set – energy flows


Forms of Drive: Forms of drive, Semi-hybrid, Full hybrid, Plug-in hybrid, Electric vehicle with range extender, fully electric car, Driving forms – recognise


Electric Motors: Rotating magnetic field, Permanent magnet synchronous motor, Synchronous motor with permanent magnet – operation, Squirrel cage induction motor, Squirrel cage induction motor – operation


HV Components: HV cables, HV battery, Resolver, DC/DC converter, DC/DC converter – efficiency, DC/DC converter – operation, Inverter, Inverter – operation


Charging Systems: Charging, Charging connector, Charging modes, Charging cable, Charger, Charging station, Charging system, Charging protocol


Battery Management Systems: Battery Management Systems, State of Charge, Battery balancing, Passive balancing, State of Health


RMI Members: £630 + VAT

Non-Members: £785 + VAT

To book this course, contact us here or call us on 01788 538 399

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